GlamGlow Mask's What is Good and Not So Good About Them

By Veronika 

OK is my final review on the GLAMGLOW masks.....I tried all for of them (travel sizes at Sephora available) and this is my honest opinion. I will just tell you the colours of the packaging, not the full name so it is easier. The number one is my favourite and the number 4 my least favourite:

1. Glam Glow blue FANTASTIC to give your skin the moisture it needs. I put it on 2 times a week in the evening and leave it over night and the next day my skin is sooo is insane! LOVE and will buy the full size...


2. Glam glow white Used if for the first time TODAY and am already in love...I can SEE a difference..yes REALLY!!!! my nose looks definitely better then before (BLACKHEADS!!!). Left it on for 15 minutes and it felt really good and when I washed it off I was VERY surprised!! Will buy full size....


3. Glam glow green This masque cleans your face very well and is soft on your skin. I like it, used it twice and will finish the travel size. Need to use it more often to see if there are any results but so far I enjoyed it.


4. Glam glow black I don't like how it feels on the skin, I don't like the consistency and I cannot see anything....I am just not impressed by it...maybe I will try a travel size again in the future to check but NO full size...unfortunately I bought the full size.... I hope this helps you and I highly highly recommend trying out the travel sizes available at Sephora for 69 SR each before buying the full size which is over 300 SR.


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