Mink Disrupting Cosmetics--- 3D Printing For Cosmetics

What was this girl up to! Here was Grace Choi standing on the stage at Techcrunch  saying that she was going to 3D print makeup on a makeup that she made. The technology was not revolutionary but the possibilities were amazing. This was a year ago when she pitched her Idea. 

The idea is simple. You think of a color that you want and you put it in the computer and let the printer rip. Five ten minutes later you have the color that you want. That means any color you want and you can have it.

Today and email from Mink stated that she is taking preorders. The starter kit costs USD 275 per unit on pre order. Of course you have to pay more for supplies later. Not expensive considering that you can have any color you want. I would try and get my hand on it as it is launched.

I also have a nagging suspicion that Colourpop is already using an industry grade version of this printer and creating these awesome colors.

If devices like these become mainstream we can see a significant change in how the cosmetics industry works. Of course online retailers would also have to change their business model. But one thing I can assure you is that timelines for customers would definitely improve!


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