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Beauty Blender

blendercleanser solid® pro

249.00 AED

What it is: The best-selling blendercleanser formula infused with charcoal to provide exceptional cleansing results to effectively clean all of your beautyblenders and makeup brushes.

What it does: Its large size makes washing multiple blenders at one time a cinch, while hints of lavender add a nice scent to your cleansing experience. It also comes with a large-sized silicone scrubbing pad, which allows for the deep cleansing of makeup brushes and also provides a perfect place to dry the cleanser. And as always, it's travel-friendly.

How to use: Wet your makeup sponges or brushes. Create a lather by rubbing your sponge or brush over the cleanser, repeating if necessary. Gently squeeze your tool, then rinse again to remove any excess cleanser and water. Set the cleanser on the black silicone pad to air dry. If a deeper clean is needed, you can gently bounce your soapy sponge or swirl your makeup brush against the raised bumps of the black pad to pull the cleanser in and extract makeup out.

  • 5.3 oz.

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