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Charlotte Tilbury

'The Feline Flick' Quick Fine Line Shodõ Pen

156.00 AED

The Feline Flick is a gorgeous felt-tip eyeliner pen that works on every face shape to elongate your eyes and lift your features for a cat-like gaze. It's inspired by the art of Japanese calligraphy, or shodõ, where each line is achieved with one stroke so there's no re-tracing. Its fine-tipped calligraphy-style brush is easy to use while its glossy, intense color glides on and sets quickly to avoid feathering and smudging. It stays put for up to 14 hours but comes off easily using an eye-makeup remover.

How to use: Starting from the inner corner of the eye, draw a very fine line as close as possible to the lash line. Keep drawing until two-thirds of the way across. Start to thicken the line, sweeping the pen slightly out. Keep drawing upwards. Once you get level with the eye, keep sweeping the line up and out.

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